Research Scientist

6th August 2020 | QuantuMDx Team

We are looking for an experienced Assay Research Scientist with a strong background in molecular biology/diagnostics to take a key role in development projects, focusing on our Q-POC™ platform and diagnostic assays. You will work within our Assay Development Team to develop point of care molecular diagnostic assays and associated technologies.

Key Roles & Responsibilities

Performing a combination, but not necessarily all, of the following duties:

  • Run, test and develop QuantuMDx’ microfluidic diagnostic platforms
  • Lead the development and testing of new DNA amplification and detection technology
  • Design, develop and test new PCR based diagnostic assays
  • Undertake performance analysis and validation of QuantuMDx’ assays
  • Work towards the goals of collaborative projects with external partners, acting as a point of contact as appropriate
  • Generate, record and present complex data, to line manager, colleagues, senior management and external partners
  • Attend lab, team and project meetings and present and report findings
  • Write scientific plans and reports, SOPs, Risk assessments, COSHH forms
  • Manipulate and analyses datasets
  • Keep up to date with the literature on Point of care diagnostics, rapid PCR, infectious disease diagnostics and other relevant areas
  • Contribute to maintenance of the lab and equipment
Experience, knowledge and requirements
  • A minimum of PhD in life sciences or equivalent experience in a non-academic setting
  • Experience in the design and development and testing of diagnostic assays
  • Detailed knowledge of nucleic acid amplification and detection chemistries, including significant hands on experience with qPCR
  • Significant wet lab experience covering general molecular techniques
  • Proven ability to take a leading role on multidisciplinary projects and ability to interact with external partners on fast paced projects
  • Ability to work to the Company’s Quality Systems and Policies in line with ISO13485 standards
  • Be eligible to work full time in the UK without restriction
  • Excellent work ethic and strong communication skills
  • Good sense of humour and ability to work in a changing environment on complex projects.
  • Knowledge of bioinformatics, statistics and data analysis including R, manipulation of sequence data, analysis of assay performance
  • Several years’ experience in relevant areas such as product development, assay development, diagnostics, technology development
  • Previous experience in the design and development of diagnostic devices
  • Demonstrated ability to lead collaborative projects with external partners
  • Previous experience in the validation and verification of molecular diagnostic assays
  • Knowledge and experience of microfluidics
  • Experience with the manipulation and development of PCR chemistries for diagnostic tests
  • Experience with the stabilization of PCR chemistry (eg lyophilisation)
  • Knowledge of infectious diseases and their diagnosis.
  • Experience of product development
  • Knowledge and experience with fluorescence imaging and optics
  • Knowledge of software languages eg Perl, Python

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The intent of this job description is to provide a representation and level of the types of duties and responsibilities that will be required of positions given this title and shall not be construed as a declaration of the total of the specific duties and responsibilities of any particular position. Employees may be directed to perform job-related tasks other than those specifically presented in this description.

Company overview

QuantuMDx Group is an exciting and highly innovative multinational company headquartered in the United Kingdom, with operations and partners in the United States, Asia, Europe and Africa.

The Company’s technology innovates the molecular diagnostic work-flow, enabling delivery of rapid actionable answers to complex clinical questions at a price point accessible to both high and low resource settings.

The Company’s flagship device is the Q-POC™, a simple-to-use, affordable, portable sample to answer molecular diagnostic device. With its laboratory quality testing and cost-effective disposable, Q-POC™ will bring the power of precision medicine to health professionals throughout the world, regardless of location or budget. Moreover, with its best in class multiplexing technology, it enables rapid detection of antimicrobial resistance and subsequent ‘right first-time prescribing’.

The company is developing further diagnostic platforms that may be used as standalone devices or integrated into diagnostic workflows. Products include the pathogen enricher CAPTURE-XT®