Staff Spotlight: Diran Guiliguian

Meet Diran Guiliguian, Chief Commercial Officer at QuantuMDx.

Tell us about QuantuMDx and your role?

QuantuMDx is an innovative company that has developed Q-POC™, an outstanding technology for rapid PCR detection. We are now at a stage where, as a company, we’re commercializing the Q-POC™ so that as many people as possible benefit from it and help contain the COVID-19 pandemic. My role is to lead the company into this new stage.

Q-POC™, QuantuMDx’ point of care diagnostic system, has just been launched, after attaining CE-IVD marking. Who will benefit from the technology?

Everyone! Q-POC™ compresses a molecular diagnostics laboratory into a simple-to-use, versatile and portable battery-operated device, which can be implemented anywhere from hospitals to clinics to pharmacies.

Our point of care system has been designed to remove barriers to quality PCR testing, making it accessible in all settings. And, with results in approximately 30 minutes, patients will quickly receive the answers they need.

How will it make a difference?

Healthcare professionals can now confidently make a faster, more informed decision on how to treat each patient individually. The quick turnaround time of rapid PCR testing with Q-POC™ enables clinical efficiencies, allowing you to diagnose and treat patients quickly, reduce admissions and reserve hospital beds for those who really need them. It also safeguards limited covid isolation areas and resources, and supports targeted infection control measures.

What makes Q-POC™ unique?

Our users tell us that Q-POC™ stands out for its ease of use, with the simple workflow setting us apart from other PCR technologies on market. They like the mid-nasal sample for its enhanced patient comfort, the simple sample transfer steps, and the streamlined Q-POC™ touchscreen interface.

Where will Q-POC™ be available for sale?

Now that we’ve attained CE-IVD marking, we can sell immediately in the UK and Europe with rapid expansion plans into North America.

QuantuMDx’ first Q-POC™ assay will detect SARS-CoV-2. What are you developing next?

Starting with a respiratory panel, we have an exciting pipeline of assays that will allow the Q-POC™ to be used for the detection of a multitude of infectious diseases, both in acute and screening settings. We are also developing technologies that will transform the user experience and put safety and performance at the heart of POC PCR testing.

Are you partnering with other assay developers?

We’re working with SpeeDx, a diagnostics company based in Sydney, Australia, as they develop a rapid test for Chlamydia trachomatis and Neisseria gonorrhoeae, sexually transmitted bacteria that can cause serious infections. SpeeDx will utilize their newly patented InSignia™ technology to both assess the presence of active bacterial infection and determine AMR status of gonorrhea. SpeeDx are collaborating with QuantuMDx to port the test onto our Q-POC™ rapid PCR point of care system.

What are the opportunities ahead for QuantuMDx?

QuantuMDx is uniquely positioned to support communities throughout the pandemic and beyond. Q-POC™’s ease of use, portability and multiplexing capability allow it to be used in diverse settings, for the diagnosis of a wide range of diseases, across the globe.

What excites you the most about your role at QuantuMDx?

Firstly, the immediate impact that we will make on society: from accelerating access to urgent care, to enabling surgeons to safely address their waiting lists, and making travel smooth again. We’re helping communities return to normalcy. Looking further ahead, the expansion of our assay portfolio will allow early detection and improved care for a large variety of diseases and communities. And that’s exciting!

How can we find out more about Q-POC™?

For more information, download our brochure, watch our video or contact our sales team today.

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