Happy New Year!

1st February 2015 | QuantuMDx Team


Looking back on 2014, we’ve come a long way baby! We made great strides in the development of our handheld MDx device Q-POC™, effectively transitioning from an R&D organization to a commercially minded company. This year we look forward to clinical trials, to finally seeing Q-POC in the hands of healthworkers.

We began 2014 with a bang, kicking off our Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign that massively raised our profile globally. The media interest proved invaluable as countless potential partners approached us, and we syndicated an $8.4m funding round.

With this funding under our belt, it was full steam ahead and we soon had our first fully integrated, sample to result, prototype. We have high hopes for the next few years, with our CSO Jonathan O’Halloran saying this “clearly demonstrates that QuantuMDx will soon be a serious player in the global molecular diagnostics market”.

“The speed, cost and the ability of our handheld technology to multiplex, to run panel tests, will allow us to access many markets that traditional molecular diagnostics companies are unable to enter”.

2014 was also a fantastic year for the Quantumites, with CEO Elaine Warburton awarded an OBE for her contribution to innovation in healthcare and Chair Prof Sir John Burn joining NHS England’s Board of Directors in June. Engagements, marriages and pregnancies, promotions and new members of the team all made 2014 a very special year. We can’t wait to see what 2015 brings!

  • Major funding: $8.4m private investment round
  • Strategic partnerships: Gates-backed Foundation for Innovative New Diagnostics (FIND)
  • Event highlights: CES, JP Morgan, Wired Health, Bloomberg’s Next Big Thing, TEDMED’s Hive, MEDICA, Wellcome Trust’s Antimicrobial Review meeting
  • New IP: Granted patent for supercharged nucleotides