Staff Spotlight: Nerea Plaza

28th January 2019 | QuantuMDx Team

This month we find out more about Nerea Plaza and her role as a Mechanical Engineer at QuantuMDx.

Nerea Plaza, QuantuMDx


When did you know you wanted to be a engineer and why?  

I do not remember making the decision. As I was growing up, maths was very appealing, I loved solving equations and facing problems. The harder the challenge, the happier I was. By the time I had to choose a career, it was already hardwired in my brain: I could not be any other thing but an engineer.

When did you start working at QMDx?

June last year. I was previously working in Barcelona and I felt the need for a new adventure. When I read about QMDx, I thought to myself: “that’s it”.

What does your role involve?

The main line would be “find a way to make it work”. Starting from a rough idea, a mechanical engineer has to develop the concept, and design the parts and assemblies together with their drawings, look for commercial components to fit into the assembly: the goal is to create a working prototype.

What excites you the most about your role at QuantuMDx?

The vision and mission of the company, the idea of improving the world. I have friends that are or have been working for the UN, helping to make this world a better place. I really admire the passion they have for their work and I felt I could not do my bit as an engineer, but I was so wrong!  I have been given the chance to help and I will always be thankful for that.

What are the biggest challenges working at QuantuMDx/working in this field?

How fast everything changes in RnD. You have to be constantly aware of what everyone else is doing, not just your department, because the projects evolve every day: you may end up missing an important updated detail or working on something that is not required anymore.

What has been your favourite QMDx moment?

At our staff away day – Q-Fest – just before Christmas. I loved the atmosphere among the people, and it was a great opportunity to learn about other’s work, not just Engineering.

What are you looking forward to achieving with QuantuMDx over the coming year?

I would be happy if I could help the company keep moving forward and improving the life of millions of people. On a personal way, I think the experience will help me to grow both personally and professionally.

What advice would you give to young women and girls considering a career in STEM? 

If you love it, go for it, do not let anyone stop you or tell you what you cannot do! Challenges are meant to be taken, not avoided.

If you could have been the inventor of anything in the world, what would it be?

The pencil. I just cannot imagine the world without it. Any invention starts with a rough idea, what if we could not note it down, or sketch it quickly? We would have missed so many things…

Tell us something surprising about yourself.

People that barely know me are surprised about my creative side. They do not expect me to draw, to paint, DIY, knitting or even writing. In fact, I have a short-story book published online, which is quite short and simple, but people never expect that from an engineer.

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