Staff Spotlight: Paul Steele

6th September 2019 | QuantuMDx Team

Paul Steele, Senior QA/RA Officer, gives us an insight into his role.

When did you know you wanted to work in Quality Assurance and why?  Paul Steele

It was probably back when I was a Biomedical Scientist, working in a Histopathology department in the NHS. We received different patient specimens, ranging from tiny skin biopsies to large chunks of resected tissue. It was pretty gruesome to begin with – then you appreciate that every specimen has a real patient awaiting a potentially life-changing result. It could be a disaster if patient data or tissue samples were mixed up or if the testing was inaccurate or provided false results. So every step had to be very tightly quality controlled.

I then moved to a more focused quality role, working at a manufacturer of immunohistochemistry diagnostic devices, particularly cancer diagnostics. This experience really cemented my interest in medical device quality.

What does your role involve?

My role currently involves working in all aspects of Quality. So, supplier quality assurance, internal auditing, documentation checks, design reviewing, etc. A lot of the work at the moment is to ensure that we have the correct type and amount of evidence and data to record the development of the designs that we are working on.

What has been your favourite QuantuMDx moment?

Passing this year’s BSI surveillance audit with zero non-conformances was an impressive result for the whole company.

Why is QuantuMDx such a great place to work?

Creating such an exciting medical device, with such enormous potential, with such a fantastic pool of talent in all areas, in a vibrant city and with the ability to save countless lives in the future – all comes together and creates an amazing and very real sense of drive and purpose here.

What are you looking forward to achieving with QuantuMDx over the coming year?

All of the work going on here materialising into an actual life changing product.

And what about over the coming years?

Once our devices are out there and helping the world, it will just be the start for us in supporting an exciting and fulfilling product life cycle. And of course, further product development and improvement!

What’s been your career highlight so far?

In a previous position I was asked by the Site Director to supervise the production department for 6 months, to work on implementing quality improvement and recall prevention measures. It was very rewarding and I really became interested in continuous improvement and building quality into processes. Generally, working in Quality can create daily highlights, capturing and correcting things that can prevent potential major issues from now never happening!

Who have been your role models in life and why?

My dad. He always taught us to do what was right.

If there was one professional, historical or present, that you’d like to work with, who would it be and why?

I think working with Nikola Tesla, back around 1900, would have been pretty awesome.

Tell us something surprising about yourself.

I’m Red/Green colour blind.

What are your favourite fiction and non-fiction books and why?

For non-fiction, Bill Bryson’s ‘Short History of Nearly Everything’ is a great read. I don’t tend to read much fiction, apart from children’s books – ‘Dear Zoo’ is a good one – gets my 1-year old chuckling!

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