FIND collaborates with QuantuMDx and SpeeDx

7th November 2019 | QuantuMDx Team

Investigating feasibility of rapid, low-cost STI diagnostics development

QuantuMDx and SpeeDx today announced a collaboration with the Foundation for Innovative New Diagnostics (FIND). The global non-profit organization drives development and delivery of diagnostics to combat major diseases affecting the world’s poorest populations. The collaborative project will assess the feasibility of developing low-cost point of care (POC) tests for common sexually transmitted infections (STIs). SpeeDx will use their proprietary PlexPCR® technology to develop multiplex tests for common STIs, including gonorrhoea and Mycoplasma genitalium (Mgen), to be run on QuantuMDx’s Q-POC™  device.

“QuantuMDx is always looking to expand the portfolio of diagnostic tests available on the Q-POC™ platform, and this collaboration with SpeeDx is an obvious choice given the proven compatibility of their robust chemistry across a range of platform technologies,” said Jonathan O’Halloran, Chief Scientific Officer at QuantuMDx. “We have a common goal to enhance the standard of healthcare around the globe, this partnership will accelerate our efforts and combine our lab-standard point of care device with SpeeDx’s world-class test technology.”

Q-POC™  is a battery-operated, microfluidics based, sample-to-answer system for low-cost molecular testing using rapid PCR followed by microarray detection.

 “We are excited by this collaboration with QuantuMDx and the potential to expand access to high quality testing options to the areas of the world that really need it,” said Dr. Elisa Mokany, SpeeDx Founder and Chief Technology Officer. “Patients around the globe are already benefiting from the clinically relevant information provided by SpeeDx tests, but we are cognisant that the current platforms and processes in use to run these tests do not readily translate to all regions of the world.”

SpeeDx has commercialised a range of tests, principally for sexually transmitted infections, that are in use across Europe, Australia and New Zealand. The flagship ResistancePlus® tests for Mgen and gonorrhoea that include markers for antibiotic resistance/susceptibility have shaped patient management guidelines around the world, providing Resistance Guided Therapy options to clinicians and enabling improved care for patients while fostering antimicrobial stewardship.  ResistancePlus® GC recently received FDA Breakthrough designation to accelerate the process towards clearance for use in the U.S., and clinical trials for ResistancePlus® MG are nearing completion with expected U.S. launch early 2020


About QuantuMDx

QuantuMDx is a multinational company with a global vision of empowering the world to control and eradicate disease by making transformative, quality point-of-care diagnostic technologies universally accessible. Our flagship device, Q-POC™, is a next generation DNA analyser which delivers the full power of a molecular diagnostics lab in an affordable, simple-to-use, portable, desktop system. Q-POC™ offers true sample collection-to-answer analysis in minutes, in decentralized settings. Headquartered in the UK, we have operations and strategic partnerships in the United States, Asia, Europe and Africa – keeping us at the forefront of molecular diagnostics.

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