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One Device, Endless Possibilities™
Q-POC™: The Handheld Laboratory

Q-POC™: The Handheld Laboratory.
QuantuMDx is The Future.
Our handheld laboratory will deliver complex diagnostics in minutes for a few dollars in any setting across the globe.

Device Overview

Q-POC™: The Handheld Laboratory

Our pioneering handheld DNA analyzer
will provide an accurate molecular diagnostic result in 10-15 minutes.

Our Devices

Q-POC™ will provide the accuracy, sensitivity and specificity of a state of the art referral laboratory, at the patient's side and at a fraction of the cost. Much like the success of the smartphone/app model, Q-POC™ will thrive thanks to the ability to run numerous different tests using a single device.

To run a sample-to-result molecular diagnostic test, simply

  1. Insert a sample into the disease-specific cartridge
  2. Insert a the cartridge into Q-POC™ the universal handheld reader
  3. Press the "Go" button on the touchscreen
  4. Results and drug resistance information displayed in 10-15 minutes

The power of DNA analysis in the pocket of your lab coat

  • Rapid: Rapid response diagnostics and drug resistance analysis with results in
    10-15 minutes, enabling immediate treatment and containment of infections
  • Affordable: A handheld lab for the price of a smartphone, with each test costing just
    $5-20 depending on the complexity of the test
  • Robust: Designed for use in remote or resource scarce settings, with no need for a stable electricity source or clean water
  • Mobile: DNA analysis in any setting across the globe, from a remote village in Gabon,
    a busy hospital in Mumbai or a city hospital in the USA
  • User-friendly: Intuitive touchscreen display, single button operation and all reagents
    on-board the disposable test cartridge
  • Adaptable: The results you need, from a yes/no answer to a full DNA analysis pathology report
  • Connected: Store and share information with a secure mobile data connection, and track the spread emerging infections in real time with global positioning technology

QuantuMDx to run Great North Run for Bowel Cancer UK

Newcastle-based diagnostics company QuantuMDx Group will take on the UK's most popular half marathon on September 15 when a team of Directors and staff run the Great North Run for Bowel Cancer UK. Chief Scientific Officer and co-founder Jonathan O'Halloran chose to support the charity after a close relative and friend were diagnosed with bowel cancer, and he encouraged his co-workers to join.

QuantuMDx are developing an automated DNA extraction device

Malaria hits rural dwellers in poor countries the hardest. Those bitten by the wrong mosquito often do not know for many days that they have contracted malaria. Some have little or no access to doctors. There are times when, even if the tests confirm the disease soon enough, standard treatments may not help because they may be suffering from the drug-resistant strain of the parasite.

QuantuMDx and Genome Institute of Singapore announce collaboration

A*STAR's Genome Institute of Singapore (GIS) has signed an agreement with QuantuMDx (QMDx), a UK-based biotech developing handheld diagnostics and whole genome sequencing devices. Under this collaboration, QMDx's wholly owned Singapore-based subsidiary QMDx Asia and GIS will develop Asia-specific point-of-care genetic tests for use with Q-POC™, QMDx's handheld point-of-care device. QMDx will commercialize the tests. The first assay from the development pipeline will direct treatment of East Asian patients with kinase-driven cancers, such as chronic myeloid leukemia (CML) and epidermal growth factor receptor-mutated non-small lung cancer (EGFR NSCLC).

Nanomal present handheld device at BioMalPar

Today Nanomal lead Professor Sanjeev Krishna of St George's, University of London will be presenting the consortium's ground-breaking handheld device for rapid detection of malaria infection and drug resistance at the 9 th Annual BioMalPar conference. The conference is sponsored by the European Virtual Institute of Malaria Research (EVIMalaR), Europe's largest malaria research institute with partners across Europe, Africa and India. Both EVIMalaR and the €5.2 million Nanomal project are EU-funded FP7 projects.

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