Making life better with multiplex molecular diagnostics at the Point of Care

Q-POC machine

Having rapid multiplex PCR testing at the Point of Care can make life better for millions of people in hospitals, clinics, laboratories and a wider variety of other settings.

Whatever the type of healthcare professional you are. We have the rapid multiplex PCR testing solution for you.

For Healthcare Professionals

As a healthcare professional, testing can be challenging. We have design easy-to use solutions that solve your diagnostic challenges.

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For Clinical Setting Managers

As a clinical setting manager, the increasing real-world demands for improved efficiency and accuracy can be challenging. We have designed fast and accurate solutions to solve your diagnostic problems.

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For Laboratory Professionals 

As a laboratory professional, the changing diagnostic landscape can be challenging. We have designed portable solutions to solve your diagnostic problems.

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For Testing Providers

As a testing provider, your environment can be complex, challenging, unpredictable and uncontrolled. We have designed solutions that meet these challenges.

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Everyone needs diagnostics at some point. And not having it on their terms creates suffering and challenges. We aim to serve all people who are suffering, from diagnostic challenges, in a wide range of distinct settings.

Our product portfolio has been designed for you to deliver fast, accurate and actionable results in approximately thirty minutes, with a hands-on time of less than three minutes per sample.

Redefine the rules of the molecular diagnostic field and enter a new era with our rapid multiplex PCR testing platform, and its comprehensive test menu.

If you would like to stay up to date with our developing product portfolio get in touch for more information.