Our Company

QuantuMDx is a progressive medical technology company passionate about empowering the world to control disease and reduce suffering.

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People hugging

QuantuMDx solves real-world diagnostic problems by creating multiplex PCR solutions for the Point of Care, for anyone, anywhere.   

Our mission is to make transformative multiplex diagnostic solutions accessible to everyone, so that diseases can be detected and treated earlier.  

Our core belief 

We believe quality diagnostics should be available to everyone. 

Testing should be equitable. Everyone should be able to access quality testing, so they have the same access to healthcare and the same opportunities to work, play and live.  

We have always believed life for people around the world can be improved if they have better access to the highest quality testing when and where they need it.  

Making testing equitable means it needs to be accessible at the Point of Care.  

Our purpose 

We empower the world to control disease and reduce suffering. 

Everyone needs diagnostics at some point, but not having it on their terms creates suffering and challenges. Life is better in so many ways when we can diagnose at the Point of Care, transmission is slowed and ultimately people suffer less.  

As leaders in multiplex diagnostics at the Point of Care, we aim to serve all people who are suffering from diagnostic challenges, in a range of distinct settings. 

Our strategy 

We solve real-world diagnostic challenges by creating multiplex molecular testing solutions for the Point of Care. 

When we started in 2008, we understood that diagnostics were changing and the real-world is complex, challenging, unpredictable, unclean and uncontrolled.  

We designed and continue to progress diagnostic solutions that meet these challenges. Our Point of Care solutions are of the highest quality, truly portable, battery operated, robust, intuitive, safe and easy-to-use with exceptional multiplex performance.  

Offering ultimate flexibility for the widest variety of distinct settings, we have plans to expand the menu of tests for Q-POC™

Combining the strength of our people and product portfolio, we passionately pursue our unifying purpose: We transform point of need multiplex diagnostics.