Transforming Point-of-Care Molecular Diagnostics at GIS23 Summit

A convention space with many people sitting on chairs attending a presentation

We are delighted to share another achievement for QuantuMDx, and the North-East, within the molecular diagnostics space. On November 27th, 2023, QuantuMDx was invited to participate in the Global Investment Summit 2023 at Hampton Court Palace. This exclusive event brought together global leaders and investors to explore groundbreaking technologies in various UK sectors.

The summit served as an unparalleled opportunity for QuantuMDx, being chosen to spotlight our innovative diagnostic solutions and represent the UK biotechnology industry on a global stage.

QuantuMDx is proud to have featured the Q-POC™ platform. Specifically designed to deliver rapid, accurate, and cost-effective testing for a variety of infectious diseases at the point-of-care, the Q-POC™ platform is a game-changer for decentralised diagnostics. Its versatility and portability support healthcare professionals in making timely and informed decisions, enhancing patient outcomes as a result.

Jonathan O’Halloran, our CEO, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “It’s great that QuantuMDx was chosen to showcase our products at the Global Investment Summit 2023. This platform provided us with the opportunity to present our company and technology to the most influential investors globally, the press, and, of course, the Prime Minister.

We are not only thrilled to represent the UK’s Life Science industry but also the North-East region. This invitation reaffirms that the North-East is gaining recognition as a hub of innovation”.