The future of diagnostics

Get rapid point of care PCR testing results in minutes 

Simple, fast, powerful 

You no longer need to wait days for test results to inform clinical decisions. Q-POC™ compresses an entire molecular diagnosis laboratory into a simple-to-use, accessible and affordable single device with COVID-19 results in approximately 30 minutes.

  • Patients can be tested, diagnosed and given treatment options in one efficient consultation.
  • Make informed decisions faster
  • Streamline patient management
  • Reduce admissions and bed blocking
  • Conserve limited isolation areas and resources
  • Ease overburdened healthcare systems

Designed for the front-line.

The Q-POC™ was designed with front-line healthcare professionals in mind. From hospitals to clinics to pharmacies.

This portable battery-operated instrument can be implemented and used anywhere.

Easy to set up, even easier to use.

In just a few hours, installation and training is complete. You and your team can confidently run quality PCR testing with minimal hands on time.

30secs – 2 mins

Collect mid-nasal swab. Place in collection tube.

Close cap & mix.


Transfer sample
into cassette.
Residual sample remains for reflex testing or variant tracing.


Insert into Q-POC™.

Press Go.


Review, print, upload results.

Key features

  • Small footprint – 303 x 238 x 202 mm 
  • Portable – 7.8kg 
  • Power options  – Battery + mains 
  • Touchscreen with intuitive interface – 7” LCD 
  • Integrated barcode reader 
  • Bluetooth connected printer (optional)  

Multiple tests. Minimal space. 

Q-POC™ is scalable, so you can process multiple patient tests at once. Its enclosed system ensures reduced risk of contamination. 

Our first assay detects SARS-CoV-2, the virus causing COVID-19. 

  • Microfluidics used to perform rapid 6 channel PCR testing in real-time 
  • SARS-CoV-2 testing & 100% coverage of all currently known strains and sequences 
  • Targets S gene, N gene, Orf1 region for built-in QA
Q-POC in operation

The Q-POC™ system is available to order now.

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