Position overview:

The Bioinformatician will work within the Assay Team to develop point of care molecular diagnostic assays and associated technologies. It is an opportunity for candidates with a strong background in sequence-based bioinformatics to contribute on projects leading to the development of diagnostic assays for the Q-POC™ platform.
Based at Lugano Building, Newcastle upon Tyne. This role reports to the Early Phase Assay Development Team Lead.

Key Roles & Responsibilities

Performing a combination, but not necessarily all, of the following duties:
This role requires a Bioinformatician to support the VP R&D in general tasks such as; software development, database maintenance and report generation.
Work with the QuantuMDx Group commercialisation program by working within the Assay Team to design assays for the Company’s diagnostic platform, the Q-POC™.
A key success factor for this position is the ability to work in a fast paced, cross functional group environment, with a willingness to be involved across a wide area of responsibilities. A great capacity and desire for taking on new responsibilities and challenges is essential as the company grows and projects expand.

The jobholder will be expected to:

  • Work within the Assay Team to deliver molecular diagnostic product pipeline.
  • Attend regular lab meetings.
  • Identify appropriate reference sources for sequences, for example public sources such as GISAID and NCBI databases.
  • Be familiar with NextGen sequencing and associated pipelines.
  • Collate and annotate reference sequences across multiple microorganisms.
  • Be confident using python and Jupyter Lab books as a working and application development environment along with GIT as a version control system.
  • Generate, record, manipulate, analyse and present complex data to line manager, colleagues, senior management and external partners.
  • Assist in report writing and generation of SOP’s.
  • Maintain records, logs and or databases of analyses for regulatory reporting purposes.
  • Interrogate sequence data to design new diagnostic assays, applying assay team lead rules (e.g. Tm, primer length, GC ratio) to shortlist targets for experimental testing.
  • Undertake in silico inclusivity and exclusivity testing and analyse homology to confirm target suitability.
  • Undertake periodic in silico review of existing assay designs to confirm ongoing suitability of the assay for VOC, VUI and variants being monitored.
  • Work on collaborative projects with external partners and be point of contact for bioinformatics.
  • Keep up to date with the literature on point of care diagnostics, assay design, infectious disease diagnostics and other relevant areas.
  • Work within the quality systems following GDP and ISO 13485 standards.

Experience, knowledge and requirements

  • MSc degree or equivalent in a relevant subject (i.e. bioinformatics, computer science or statistics).
  • Relevant experience in bioinformatics with a strong knowledge of microbial genomics.
  • Familiarity with sequencing data (Sanger and NGS) and standard bioinformatics tools (alignment, variant calling, assembly etc.)
  • Experience in data manipulation and analysis of large genomic datasets.
  • Knowledge and competence in Python, Docker, Git, Linux, MySQL or similar software development tool.
  • Knowledge of nucleic acid amplification and detection chemistries.
  • Knowledge of statistics.
  • Ability to work to the Quality Management Systems in line with ISO13485 standards.
  • Excellent work ethic and strong communication skills.
  • Ability to work in a changing environment on complex projects.
  • Previous experience in the design and development of diagnostic devices
  • Demonstrated ability to lead collaborative projects with external partners.
  • Previous experience in an industry or start-up setting.
  • Previous experience in the validation and verification of molecular diagnostic assays
  • Hands on experience with the manipulation and development of PCR chemistries for diagnostic tests.
  • Knowledge of infectious diseases and their diagnosis.
  • GPU programming.
  • Be eligible to work full time in the UK without restriction.

To apply send a cover letter and CV to