For Lab Professionals

Our aim is for Q-POC™ to become the
‘go-to’ point of care PCR system in
hospital settings. 

We’re simplifying complex screening tests
with one sample, one instrument and
one SARS-CoV-2 result readout in approximately 30 minutes,
with minimal hands-on time.

Q-POC™ offers:

  • sample-to-answer in approximately 30 mins
  • is an all in one solution (requires no further peripherals)
  • is easy to install and set up, with remote training available
  • is portable and battery operated, with a small footprint
  • is easy to use with a simple workflow
  • is safe to use within a self-contained system
  • is stackable, offering a flexible throughput in a compact format
  • integrates into existing networks
  • is easy to maintain

Our first commercial assay detects
SARS-CoV-2, the virus causing COVID-19.

In just a few hours, installation and training is complete. You and your team can confidently run quality PCR testing with minimal hands on time.

30secs – 2 mins

Collect mid-nasal swab. Place in collection tube
(buffer or Viral Inactivator).

Close cap & mix.


Transfer sample
into cassette.
Residual sample remains for reflex testing.


Insert into Q-POC™.

Press Go.


Review, print, upload results.

Seamless LIS integration*
(*future development)